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7:45 Pick up from hotel and transfer to the port

08:00 Departure from the port of Puno in a tourist boat to the islands of the Uros.

08:30 hrs. Arrival to the Uros Floating Islands



The Uros Islands are located east of the city, one of the traditional views. These islands are artificial floors, made of woven reeds and cleverly superimposed, there are all the size and nature reserve Titicaca in Puno Bay No. 50 and approximately Willis bordered the river which is about power supply to the lake and stay with your own tour about 14 km during the journey, the guide provides extensive information on Lake Titicaca, Uros legends, their habits, customs and folklore, it also makes visitors know that the Uros people live fishing, hunting and gathering as well as emerging tourism and craft that shines in attractive multicolored cloth woven with a variety of designs or drawings that children generally do. 09:30 hrs. Departure from Uros Island Amantani bound.



13:00 hrs. Arrival at the Island Amantani

13:15 hrs. Installation in local family's house

13:30 hrs. Lunch

Amantani Island is located about 50 km. east of the city of Puno. This like Taquile Island, offers a varied vegetation of wild flora, among which are the flowers that are native kantuta the entire plateau region but has an appreciable Amantani profusion. Its main economic activities are agriculture and fishing, but also its inhabitants are known for their ability to work in stone, as well as making straw baskets. This island is also famous marketing of black and white stones in the form of pebbles used to stone the backyard Puno, something really typical and are brought from the island Soto. Amantani Island, has been very well organized to welcome tourists who are offered accommodation in houses specially prepared pre-selected for your order and cleanliness. They are also very respectful and honest. The amantaneños are also very popular because they include the most famous healers of the region, grouped in a small guild in charge of maintaining this tradition from father to son and so it retains the physical intangibility and esoteric ceremonial temples of Pacha Mama and Pacha Tata, hills whose summits officiate tutelary rites to ward off evil spirits, called souls of the abandoned, their totems tiahuanaquenses that exist in these ceremonial sites. In addition to these pre-Inca ruins are the remains of ancient gentile known as the Incachincana and Incatiyana (hiding Inca and Inca seats). On this tour, establishing a link and comes to understand the Andean worldview without being necessarily understood in terms of esotericism and cosmology.

16:00 hrs. Visit the ruins of Pachatata and Pachamama

19:00 hrs. Dinner

19:30 hrs. Typical Dance



07:00 hrs. Hosted breakfast at home

08:00 hrs. Amantani output port to the island of Taquile

09:00 hrs. Arrive to Taquile Island


Taquile Island, who introduced us to the tissues of a quality comparable only with the looms of Paracas and Egypt, Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The island is divided into 6 or plots his community. Annually each designate a representative to his council that traditionally insular and falls in older neighbors. The island has zealously their ancestral habits of honesty, work and mutual respect, in strict adherence to the known laws of the empire (ama llulla , ama quella , ama sua) islanders boast of respecting others, especially visitors , some of which, if at any carelessness forget something, surely will immediately be restored or returned by Taquieños themselves. They are realized mainly in agriculture and textiles. The first serves for self-support but it is the textile which highlights the extraordinary skill and excellent quality of its fabrics. The authors argue that taquileños official heirs of the Incas, as weavers and claim that their ancestors clothing restocked the courts Incas.

11:00 hrs. Lunch

12:30 hrs. Set sail from the Port of Taquile

15:50 Hrs. Arrival in Puno port and transfer to hotel.



• Transfer Hotel / Port / Hotel

• Bilingual Official Tourist Guide

• 01 Lunch

• 01 Dinner

• 01 breakfast

• Accommodation in family house

• Tickets for tickets to the three islands

• Tourist Boat

• Lunch in Taquile Island




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